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Hotels at Kanha National Park

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Kanha National park

Located in the heart of Central India in Madhya Pradesh stretching over an area of 940 sq kms lies Kanha National Park. One of the largest Tiger reserves in the world, The Kanha Tiger reserve consists of the National Park which forms the core and a surrounding buffer consisting of a total area of 1945 sq kms.

The Vegetation is chiefly made up of Sal, Bamboo forests and grasslands. Kanha Boasts of about 22 species of mammals which include Tiger, Leopard, Gaur, Sambhar, Spotted Deer, Four Horned Antelope, Blue Bull, Slothbear, The Indian Wild Dog amongst others. It is the last haven for the hard ground Barasingha (Swamp Deer) which has been rescued from total extinction. Over 200 species of Birds abound in the Park (Check List of Birds).
Hotels in kanha
But for all its astonishing diversity in its Wildlife population, Kanha is best known as the habitat of the Tiger

Tracking Down The Tiger in Kanha National Park

Our hotels in Kanha are best situated, with mixture of comfort and adventure. At the Crack of Dawn from our hotel, with the early morning sun filtering through the dense canopy of trees, you start out on the trail of the Tiger.

Adventures - Kanha Hotels & ResortsYour Friend, Philosopher and guide, the naturalist points out the signs along the way the pugmarks, the drag of a kill and signals you to be quiet and alert. And you are well on your way to a rendezvous with the Tiger. Over grassy glades, undulating hills, and steep rocky slopes of Kanha you travel in a Jeep or on the back of an Elephant. Catch a glimpse of the jewel of Kanha, the swamp deer (Barasingha), as it leisurely wallows amongst the water lilies in the Pond. Let your heart leap up at a bounding Chital or look a leopard in the eyes. But there's nothing to beat coming face to face with a Tiger.

Tiger viewing at Kanha National Park
Suddenly the Forest is still with the Sounds of Silence. Except for the herd of Barasingha, nothing moves. The Mahout's raised hand signals the start of the Drama. And then, lo! Behold him in all his orange and black splendour! The Tiger, King of Kanha, leaps out from the foliage and sets off in pursuit of a barasingha. The Chase is on. The herd has scattered. The Tiger is after his prey. And you are one of the privileged few to watch the live drama.

Kanha National Park is open from 1st October to 30th June

Climatic Conditions:
» November to March - Cold Climate
» October and April - Moderate
» May and June - Hot Climate

Best Season October to June.

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