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Little Tibet

Golden Gate

The Mysterious Little Tibet

Day Excursion from Bison River Resort

The mysterious & secretive traditions of the Tibetan monks their lifestyles, culture & unique architecture comes out alive. It is through the lush green jungles that you drive through, from the prinstine location of your Bison River Resort, Dandeli.

The winding forest roads take you to the enchanting Tibetan Self sustained community center where the monks & the lamas live their lives just as they do on the loftly altitudes of the Tibetan Himalays. Explore the lives & traditions of Tibetan people, visiting their monastries, temples, schools, cottage industries, weaving their wonderful dreams in cloth & can even have a secret participation to fulfil your desires by participating in their wishing spiritual flag ritual. An authentic tibetan lunch can also be experienced .

Tibetan Monks Golden Buddha-Tibet

Tibet It's a unique experience un paralled.
    Tour starts approx 8.00 AM after early breakfast.

    A pleasant 95 Km. Drive

    Half day sight seeing

    Return by approx 7.00 PM

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