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Project Tiger

At the turn of the century 40,000 Tigers roamed in the Jungles of India. In 1972 it was discovered much to the anguish of conservationists that the numbers had dwindled to less than 2000. Following an International appeal worldwide, which resulted in the Birth of Project Tiger in 1972 to save one of Natures most magnificient beasts.

The first step was to abolish Tiger Shikhar. The second was to save its vanishing home.

Choosing Habitats as far removed from each other, the authorities decided that the only long term way to save the Tiger was to save its Forests. In the process innumerable other animals received protection including the Asiatic Elephant and the great Indian one horned rhinocerous. The results were there for all to see more than a decade later. The presence of the Tiger indicated a vibrant ecosystem and the numbers increased to 4000 in a survey in 1986. A lot of other animals recouped including the hard ground Barasingha of Kanha, Hispid Hare and pygmy Hog of Manas have been retrieved from the brink of extinction.

No one can estimate the number of species of flora and fauna that have been saved within the 15 Project Tiger reserves.

Project Tiger is today seen as one of Asia's most successful conservation sagas and the Tiger a Symbol of health of the Indian Jungles.

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